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Zhejiang Tieshi Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2004,which covers an area of more than 20000square meters.With more than 13 years professional experience, we have

been the leading manufacturer and exporter of car wash machines in China. Located only 1hour from local sea port and an international airport, our manufacturing facilities enjoy 

convenient transportation, an advantage that helps to reduce costs.

   Cover has the innovation, the noble quality, the exquisite craft, the consummation service objective; Pays attention to the experience and the demand of customer , seek self-improvement and beyond.COVER can provide the most safe and the intimate service product supplier for the end user.Over many years,COVER has become one of world most famous automatic equipment manufacture and largest participate.COVER is shown on every top automation control area,the machines are reasonably and gracefully installed around the world,which makes people impression of safety,reliable,quiet performance,confort and user-friendly design.We are proud of our fine traditions and the success and reputation of our worldwide delivery. These are the engines of our success.That’s why we fight for it.

    Cover's product and system solutions are continuously monitored by internal and external organizations and are certified, tested, and qualified by national and international authorities. As a developer, manufacturer and system integrator, COVER builds knowledge by implementing countless engineering projects. This knowledge has practical value and helps us to support our customers. No matter where your project is located in the world, we provide services to every customers at every stage of automation control area.

Our company have owned CE cerrification and ISO9001 certification