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Vision: continues to promote the development of china car wash machine

Continue to listen and meet the customer’s demand, guide to win the respect of users;

Through the promotion of corporate status and brand image, so that employees with a high degree of corporate honor and pride, to win respect for employees;

Promote the development of car wash machine industry, to win respect for the industry

Mission: The first choice of car wash machine market

Concerned about different regions, different groups, and provide differentiated products and services according to customer requirement;

To create an open win-win platform, and partners to jointly create a healthy car wash machine market.

Values: integrity, responsibility, innovation, harmony

1, Integrity is the conduct of the country, the development of the base, the source of credibility.

2, The responsibility is the fundamental operation. Always adhere to the operation according to law, standardize the operation, care about social responsibility; adhere to a high sense of responsibility and a strong sense of mission to deal with the cause.

3, Innovation is the inexhaustible motive force of development. The fundamental requirement of innovation is to reflect the times, grasp the law, full with creativity;

4, Harmony is an important guarantee for normal operation and sustainable development.

Business theory: all to the user value

"Excellence, the pursuit of excellence, to create perfect" concept of quality, product quality and user interests above everything else, adopt foreign advanced equipment, superb technology and craft, molded brand;

Willing to high-quality products, reliable reputation, perfect quality, strict quality assurance and good after-sales service and dedication to customer service;

Emphasis on emotional communication with customers, respect for user experience, grow with user