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Automatic car washing equipment operation is simple

Datetime: 2017-02-24    Visit: 6040

Automatic car washing machine is convenient to install and use,Driver can wash his car on one-click mode.Alarm system can send information about service fault and report the fault types at any time that you no longer need to worry about service speed.

There are many advantages when automatic car washing machine compare with trade car-washing model.It’s sure that the former will capture the market quickly and is becoming self-service car wash trend across China.

Automatic car washing equipment cleaning should pay attention to some details in the process of cleaning process, must pay attention to the equipment start and pause, every factory equipment factory basic instructions, to read instructions before operation, be sure to read, don't understand to ask, to realize the function of each key, how to stop, is there a time limit, in the process of washing most equipment factory is a manufacturer of automatic reset time, this is basically a self-service car wash industry rules, and if so, want to ask clear, billing reset time is how many? This general factory is between 10 to 20 minutes.

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