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Car wash machine maintenance

Datetime: 2017-03-17    Visit: 5979
Equipment parts maintenance on a regular basis

1, regular service content:

1.1 check the rotating parts and infuse lubricating oil

1.1.1 check the machine moving parts, bolts are loose, fall off, should tighten or reinstall as soon as possible.

1.1.2 to chain walking and walking round internal note butter. (walk round with grease gun charging)

1.1.3 machine using 7 turbine vortex rod reducer, two in the brush gear reducer, cross brush reducer, reducer (2), 2 small brush. The oil for 150 or 200 gear oil.

1.2 to set brush butter: orbit in the walking process and I such as abnormal sound right, should be in the rail surface and the roller contact surface evenly coated in butter. The sound will be eliminated.

1.3 regularly for air compressor drainage, check whether the compressor belt, pressure gauge, safety valve is normal.

1.4 filtering pressure reducing valve

1.4.1 at least once every half a month filtering pressure reducing valve should be in the water off. Below the filter button when drainage, water discharge automatically, after the row will loosen the button.

1.5 keep the car washer internal clean, clean.