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Cover tunnel machine for equipment maintenance

Datetime: 2017-03-17    Visit: 6152
According to the project shall be checked:

1. Each part photoelectric switch is wiped;

2. Each place the nozzle cleaning;

3. Check the gas source;

4. Check the foam wax and wax light;

5. Check the water;

6. Clean the conveyor and ground;

6.2 maintenance procedures:

1. The daily maintenance

(1) two conjoined to drainage gas path a (hold two conjoined bottom button, can drain).

(2) more than cold season must rule out daily tube water;

(3) after downtime dry the surface water body.

2. Weekly maintenance

(1) for electrical wiring check inside ark, found problems in a timely manner;

(2) twice a week, on conveyor chain oil lubrication; (when the conveyor motion from friction, the chain has been short of oil, lubrication should be carried out in a timely manner, the specific method is: according to the conveyor, when conveyor belt movement, through the chain lubrication injecting grease on guard, until all the chain lubrication.

(3) to the pneumatic pipeline inspection, for gas leakage, leakage phenomenon, such as found to be processed in a timely manner;

(4) clean the dust in electric cabinet, cabinets, maintain two ark is dry, clean and tidy;

(5) inspection on water, prevent rupture, spilling water phenomenon.

3. Monthly maintenance

(1) all drive mechanism must be put in butter or oil, and adjust the chain of firmness, including:

1) conveyor chain;

(2) all rotating bearing, rotating shaft pin.

4. The annual maintenance and overhaul

(1) of the conveyor speed reducer and the top blowing wind lifting speed reducer need to change operating 2500 hours each special lubricating oil;

(2) when washing machine using a year later, must pass comprehensive maintenance to ensure its performance.

6.3 maintenance and maintenance:

1. In the process of washing, if discover fault, please immediately press the stop button, such as null and void, please immediately cut off the total power, troubleshooting any use.

Note: when (1) repair

A. the power sequence can not be changed;

B. machine electric switch power supply, PLC controller are guaranteed quality, such as failure, doubt it has a problem, please inform the company, shall not open repair itself.

(2) maintenance methods:

Overhaul the main corresponding transmission mechanism from the mechanical and electrical corresponding sensors.

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